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Peace & Blessings

@ Sr Amen-Ra Schmm Khnuu

Hetepu, the offering of peace and blessings
which I offer to you, on this ancestral day of
Martin Luther King Jr.

We must begin to emulate this ancestor who
saw the light of everlasting life within, to
speak and guide the Civil Rights Movement.

The light of everlasting life which is within all
of us is a path for ascension of the Higher Self.
We must use this light to see the mountain top,
as Martin Luther King, Jr. did

For we are the rulers of our own fate

Paul Robeson


@ Angel L. Martinez


Strong brother,

You have been our shining light

A reason, an eternal season to believe

That a suffering world will one day be no more

You are a man among the masses

Raising a voice of fire, of love, of power


From the strains of “Old Man River

To your cry of genocide

Generations now listen and will forever do

As what you have shown

By holding the standard

Of all people working and striving

You held it up high and you could see far away

Your voice called us to follow that road

Always knowing

Just as you walked forward

We will never stop our marching

Carry on the struggle sung out of

Your hope and inspiration


Strong brother, you left much for us to take on

To believe

To be strength

To be victorious

We will keep your faith

For your revolutionary soul will forever

Fly in us all


Daddy’s Lamp

© 2004 Deborah Chainey


It came from a source

I never identified

But it was in his hand


The shiny plastic faux-copper bottomed lamp

Its faux-crystal reflecting the light

Right into my eyes

Minus the shade

Minus the bulb


He arrived as usual unannounced

Rang the doorbell

Several times, nice and loud

The door flung open

And there he stood


A man with a lamp in my doorway

Standing at my door

A man with the shade-less lamp in his hand


He stepped through the doorway

Into my home

He spoke only one word


His nickname for me


Handed me the faux-crystal lamp

Minus shade

Minus bulb


He took a seat

Made himself “ta’ home”

On my faux-leather couch


He was well

I was well

And the small faux-crystal lamp

With the faux-copper base


Safe in its new found home

With the faux-leather couch


A gift from My Daddy

A gift of love

A rescued faux-crystal lamp

With a faux-copper base

Muffy the Clown
@ David "X" Gordon
Muffy the Clown
Was a good clown
Not the best
But good
Damn good
He could inflate his cheeks,
And flowers
would grow out of his head
He could spin like a top,
And the room
Would fill with music,
And lovers knew his thoughts
On love.
He could hum
And the troubled
Would find peace.
He had a face
Like a pickle,
So every time he
Tried to perform,
Before he said a word
They all would laugh,
And laugh,
And laugh,
So he never got
To inflate his cheeks,
Or spin like a top
Or hum.
So they never saw his flowers
Or heard his music
Or found peace
So he called his agent
Manny Washburn.
"They don't look,
They don't listen,
They just look at my face
And laugh."
Don't worry Muff
They're laughing, ain't they?"

To Honor The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective's 10th Anniversary

@ Carlos Raul Dufflar

Hold on to our dreams while riding the key to life as our foundation of the Earth speaks to you and me as it carries the wind of truth we have nothing but love in our hearts for we have faith in the word

The rain pours in a spirit dance
Could we fly in space to heavenly music
The sunrise within a few minutes
My prayers are my happiness from tearful eyes
I walk Manhattan Island beneath the waterfall of Muscooth Morningside Park as the trumpet is blowing and the drum rhythms of guaguancó mama
as it keeps fire and strength
I love the silence of the heart

Carlos Raul Dufflar
Angel Martínez
David Gordon
Dorothy Johnson-Laird
Uthman Ibraheem
Schmm Khnuu

Ships keep floating beyond the space of time

The dreams are born on earth as the warriors of words

Speak the language of peace that we love and not the mask of war

Beauty is only skin deep Could I read your mind

The assembly of poets as we all brothers and sisters

I thank you with your sharing of love and peace

For honey is sweeter than a cup of sour milk

For our love is Lord of the Universe

Bring me the Song of Suliman

Of our life that continues for those who continue our legacy of a beautiful flower

I was born in El Barrio

Where we respected los viejitos con bendiciones

We gave them fruit and flowers to honor with a song well sung

My great-grandmother Leocadia who planted the seed of the word before I rose into the heart of the light

With a spring forever as it calls all of our names

As it passes us the heroes recently decorated in silence

From yesterday today and tomorrow

By the Earth all of our love oché

The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective in our

10th anniversary with love and soul forever


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